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Miss Sorry is a young, daring and unconventional professional in the world of image and photography. Born in Vicenza, she lives and works between Padua, Rome and Milan. Graduated from the IED (European Institute of Design) in Rome, she gained an extensive experience working on photographic set as a model, stylist and photographer. Her genre of photography is proudly pop, light-hearted, irreverent, ironic and funny. A playful approach to reality, demystifying and brave, which encourages the creation of new forms of identity, in line with her rediscovery of sensuality and fantasy. Her photography’s inspiration was the subtle eroticism, imagination and malicious naively of lot of so called Italian-style comedies of the '60s, but mainly the iconographic and extraordinary versatility of the master in fashion design Elio Fiorucci, with his international opening and with the creation of an image of femininity as protagonist.

(Photo by Luca Mata)